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Hi everyone! I’ve stopped blogging here and shifted to Tumblr.

It was not a very rational decision, I just needed a change and some fresh air! Plus the community atmosphere on Tumblr feels great to have. Did I mention it’s easier to use as well? Less customizable yes, but easier to use nevertheless 🙂

I wish you like my new tumblog.

Have something to say? I’d love to hear! Mail me here: jagtesh [-a.t-] gmail [-d.o.t-] com


The river stream on a sunny morning
The rapid tide on a stormy night
The trickling rain on a stony mound
The wrath of a furious sand storm

The lightning that accompanies a thunder
Notwithstanding, prepared for any blunder
Marching on to infinity’s surrender
I remain Jagtesh, evolving forever

A monologue I’m working on

Sometimes, somedays..you wake up feeling anything is possible.

The world is bowing to you.

There’s a connection between you and the universe.

Whatever you do makes perfect sense.

There’s an unobtrusive plan of thought.

A clarity, usually unknown to you.

Today is one such day.

I haven’t learned to repeat this feat yet, but I’m gonna make the most of today.

My comment on IMDB for “Wanted“:

The movie started lame. There were plenty of holes in the plot. Kept getting better with the running time. Never caught up to deserve a 7+ rating though, IMHO.

I have a few recommendations For those you you who enjoyed the action sequences in the film.

  1. “Shoot ’em Up” (fast paced dark action comedy)
  2. “Equilibrium” (good build up, sci-fi, Christian Bale)

Overall, it was a fair experience watching the movie. Watch it when you’re not in a very serious mood. Being critical while watching it will spoil your enjoyment of the very elusive and unique gun-shooting scenes.

My rating for Wanted: 6.5/10

PS: Morgan Freeman acted well. Otherwise, acting was sub-par. There’s a superflous narrative throughout the movie, as in “21”. Plenty of good action though.

I’ve decided to try out Tumblr for a few days, here’s the link.
Tumbling down the alley

Oh yeah! The beautiful wordpress interface greets me again, after a long drawn hiatus.

It wasn’t so much by choice, as circumstances. I had college, exams, work and recreation (read movies) consuming my time. Add to that bad internet connectivity (Airtel Mobile Office giving me a hard time), I had little choice.

The blog has missed my entire 8th sem of engineering, along with some other exciting new developments on which I’ll be posting shortly. I’ve been quite active on twitter lately. Catch me there: http://twitter.com/jagtesh

Being an engineer sucks. Reason being, we don’t interact a lot with people. We’re humans too. And what are humans? Social beings. So by being cut off on the social aspect, we cease to function like normal human beings. We’re more lonely and more mechanical. It’s not good..compared to being, say, a doctor..a surgeon? Not only do you meet a lot of people, but a lot of people in pain. And you help them. What a high that must be, I wonder..

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